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AlQudra International is capable of Representing Private, Semi-Governmental and Governmental companies Locally and Globally in various fields and sectors within the UAE and worldwide through strategic partnerships and Distinguished Commercial Agreements.

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AlQudra International is focusing on the sectors of Development, Technology, Artificial Intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution in general, by fully representing them in sales, marketing, promotion, management, planning strategy and development.

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Since AlQudra International is the official representative and distributor of Howe and Howe Technologies in the Middle East and in the region, our primary partnership with them is the cornerstone and main focus of the company.

CEO'S Message

Since the establishment of AlQudra, we have focused on strengthening our position in the market by choosing the best and latest technologies and services and empowering the best talents at all. AlQudra was incorporated under M Glory Holding Group in 2020, one of the most important holding companies in the UAE that focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in particular being the first electric cars manufacturer in the region, and a number of other industries.

Through our extensive experience in the region’s market, AlQudra International provides a fertile environment for international companies to enter the region with the best possibilities and the easiest way. On the other hand, AlQudra International aims to represent the specialized bodies and major companies in the region within our network of partners and relations in various countries of the world, and here AlQudra International role comes as a link to stimulate the economy of the local market in the region and linking it with the latest technology in the world and facing the challenges of the future.

These factors have been the main pillar and the prominent feature of AlQudra International Company’s journey since its inception, which is still moving forward with its goals for the best.

Welcoming you to AlQudra International Companies Representation L.L.C.

Mohammad Bany Hathel

Chief Executive Officer